price Adjustment

Price for West Malaysia has been decreased. For latest price please refer to pricing page.

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Sensitive goods channel resume

Previously some sensitive item not allow to import due to the strict inspection, now it has back to normal.

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Custom Inspection

Start From March 1 2021, Air Freight sensitive goods path, pure batteries, mobile power supplies, electric vehicles, magnets, perfumes, liquids in large barrels, and other dangerous goods temporarily not allow to import. Besides that, overweight & overlength goods can only import through cover letter.

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Price Adjustment

Price adjust, please visit for latest pricing.

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CNY 2021 Holiday

CNY Holiday for china warehouse: 6-2-2021 to 17-2-2021. For sea freight please submit earlier to avoid miss ship.Wish everyone Happy CNY!

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Air Freight Charges reduce

[20-12-2020] Pricing for air freight has been reduce(except east malaysia & Singapore freight charges). For more detail, please visit

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12-12 Promotion

12-12 Promotion- RM5 off for orders 5KG and above, remember to enter promo code: 1212

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Sea Freight East Malaysia + RM30/m3

1/12/2020 Sea Freight East Malaysia increased RM30 /m3

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Sea Freight charges Increased

19-11-2020 Sea freight charges for sea freight west malaysia increased RM60.00 per M3. Sea small package 1st kg+ RM7, following kg +RM0.70

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15-11 Price adjustment suspended

Airline  inform  the implementation of the 15-11 sensitive price adjustment has been suspended, and we will refund the variance to the user account which already paid

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Sensitive freight charges increase

15-11-2020, Sensitive freight charges increase by RM1.5/KG.

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Price Adjustment

[Pricing adjust] Freight charges will be adjusted on 11-11, unpaid orders please pay before 10-11-2020 (11:59:59 PM), otherwise the order will be calculate according to new price.

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[East Malaysia] Due to the epidemic, Most of East Malaysia flights have been cancelled and delayed.

[East Malaysia] Due to the epidemic, Most of East Malaysia flights have been cancelled and delayed.

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11-11 promotion

11-11 Promotion- RM5 off for orders 5KG and above, remember to enter promo code: 1111

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Price increased

The air freight services demand has increased recently and thus the charges increase. Please visit our pricing page for latest price.

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Epidemic prevention item

Anti Pandemic item cannot be imported! Recently, some customer try to import mask & sanitizer, but hold by custom and inspect, thus delay the clearance. We will not responsible for any of confiscated goods and fines.

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Mid-Autumn Festival & China national holidays

China Warehouse national holidays from 01-10-2020 ~ 05-10-2020, 06-10-2020 resume work.

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warehouse clearance

Too many expired stock occupy alot of space in warehouse, we will destroy all expired goods.

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Freight price decrease

All west malaysia air freight charges reduced by RM0.50, effective immediately. Please visit for pricing detail.

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[Notice] Currently epidemic goods is not allow to import through normal / sentive path. Our company will not take any responsibility if goods being inspect or confiscated

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