Free 5kg volume throw weight

4/8/2021- User can now enjoy first 5 kg free throw volumetric, Volume weight throw more than 5kg will based on half volumetric calculation method

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Due to the Pandemic outbreak, custom clearance and delivery will be affected

Due to the pandemic outbreak especally at klang, there are many department affected and government decide to reduce the working hour and thus all the clearance & delivery will de affected and delayed. 

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Best express parcel transit to abx

Best Express warehouse overload, some packages will be transferred to Abx for delivery.

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Anti-Pandemic Item not allow to import

Anti-epidemic item do not accept, if the goods are confiscated or being fined, we will not take any responsibility.

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Sea Freight Price Increase

18-6-2021, WM Sea freight increase RM50/M3, sea small package first 3kg increase RM5, following kg increase 0.30/kg

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FMCO Impact

Due to the impact of the epidemic and the FMCO lockdown, customs clearance and parcel delivery will be delayed.

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Hari Raya Holiday

Selamat Hari Raya. Local office holiday start from 13-14/5/2021. China warehouse work as usual.

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Labour Day Holiday

Labour Day Holiday- Warehouse & Local Cs Holidays on 1-5-2021, resume work on 3-5-2021

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West Malaysia Normal price +RM0.50 /kg

West Malaysia normall goods +RM0.50 /kg. Recently the price will keep fluctuate, please check freight charges before submit order.

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Normal goods freight charges decrease

Air Freight  & Sea Freight for normal goods decrease. Air Normal goods - RM1/kg, Sea freight - RM70/M3. Effective on 13-4-2021.

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Air Freight for normal goods increase

Air Freight for East & West M'sia normal goods + RM1/kg. Effective on 8-4-2021

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China Warehouse Holiday

Happy Qingming Festival. China Warehouse Holiday from 3-4 to 4-4.

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West Malaysia Normal goods reduced RM1/KG, Please refer to pricing page for latest price.

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price Adjustment

Price for West Malaysia has been decreased. For latest price please refer to pricing page.

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Sensitive goods channel resume

Previously some sensitive item not allow to import due to the strict inspection, now it has back to normal.

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Custom Inspection

Start From March 1 2021, Air Freight sensitive goods path, pure batteries, mobile power supplies, electric vehicles, magnets, perfumes, liquids in large barrels, and other dangerous goods temporarily not allow to import. Besides that, overweight & overlength goods can only import through cover letter.

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Price Adjustment

Price adjust, please visit for latest pricing.

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CNY 2021 Holiday

CNY Holiday for china warehouse: 6-2-2021 to 17-2-2021. For sea freight please submit earlier to avoid miss ship.Wish everyone Happy CNY!

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Air Freight Charges reduce

[20-12-2020] Pricing for air freight has been reduce(except east malaysia & Singapore freight charges). For more detail, please visit

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12-12 Promotion

12-12 Promotion- RM5 off for orders 5KG and above, remember to enter promo code: 1212

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