———— Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)————


1.What is shipment declare value?

The declared value refers to the amount of the purchased items, and the US dollar is used as the unit. 

It is recommended that the declared value of the single waybill does not exceed USD80. If the declared value is too high, the risk of being tax by custom will increase. 

The system will issue a random declaration of 50-80 US dollars unless the customer comes to notify the specified number (usually when buying insurance or shipping high-value items)

2.Is your servcice cover taxed?

No, we only cover custom clearance, not include taxed.However you can add extra service "cover taxes packages" to avoid your shipment been taxed by custom.

3.What happened if custom hold my shipment for tax purpose?

The custom authorities will call you to confirm the tax amount. After you agree to pay, they will continue to delivery. 

The courier will collect the tax amount from you. Pay close attention to the incoming call to avoid any delay for parcel delivery

4.Can I claim for compensation if my whole parcel lose?

After confirm shipment lost( courier will takes average 1 month to review), we will pay compensate according to the declare value( max USD80.00)

Further detail please refer to webpage " Item of Loss/ Parcel Compensation" http://www.100express.com/info/6.html

5.Parcel will send out immediate after payment has been made?

Once received payment, we will send out the parcel next day, except Sunday / China holidays.(*Based on China working days)

6.How to make payment?

You can go to My Account> Top up Balance>>  use online transfer (Public Bank & Maybank), or Ipay88. 

7.How long can I receive my air freight parcel?

It will take average 3-7 workings, excluding peak season, custom inspection or uncontrollable factor such as weather.

8.How long can I receive my sea freight parcel
It will take abount 14-21 workings day to arrive after shipment arrang ,excluding peak season, custom inspection or uncontrollable factor such as weather.

9.What is sensitive goods?

Please refer to our website for more details:http://www.100express.com/info/9.html

Not every sensitive goods shows on the web, website only show most of the example. If you are not sure your goods are normal or sensitive, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

10.Any prohibited item for Air-freight?

Medicine,Liquid(limit to 300 ml),White powder,Weapon Or a weapon-like product(such as toy gun),Flammable and explosive goods,Bank notes,and etc. Any inquiry, please contact our customer service.

11.Can first weigthing the weight, before considering whether to add the parcel into my order?

Due to heavy work load and parcel volume of the warehouse, we only provide the total weight of the shipment after complete packing, and cannot provide a single package weight in advance. 

12.Where can I track my shipment status?

China : http://com1express.net/home.html

Malaysia :MAYEXPRESS : https://www.tracking.my/mayexpress

                   SKYNET           : http://www.skynet.com.my/index.htm

                   ABX                  : http://www.abxexpress.com.my/

                  GDEX                : https://www.gdexpress.com/malaysia/home/
                  AMBER             : http://amber-express.com/ 

13. My order my 2.8kg normal goods and only 0.2kg are sensitive, how to calculate the shipping fees?

It will not calculate normal & sensitive seperately. We will calculate the entire parcel weight according to sensitive calculation. 

14.What will happen if my shipment contain sensitive goods and I am using Air Freight(Normal-path) instead of sensitive-path?

It is recommended not to take the risks. Although there is possibility to pass the custom. However, recipient will bear the full consequences(completely/partially return or confiscation) if shipment hold by custom. 

15.What is the formular for Volumetric Weight?

Parcel (L)cm x (W)cm x (H)cm / 6000 = Volumetric Weight

16. Can I buy expensive digital product? Is is recommended?

When you purchase a digital product from China and send it abroad, you lose the warranty service for the product, 

which is very inconvenient in the event of a product failure. 

In addition, valuable products are more likely to be afflicted by the customs or taxed. There is a certain risk. 

If you insist on shipping, please contact customer service to inquire about how to purchase insurance and related taxes. (We do not accept Mobile phones and tablets)

17. If I insist to ship luxury product, how should i arrange?

We recommend to send the parcel alone, it helps to reduce the possibility of being stolen or losses.

18. How to request refund, from my 100 exppress account?

Please feel free to contact our customer service or email to us. 

Please note that we will charge 10% from the refund amount. The refund process will takes 7-10 days.

19. Can I import food / perishable goods?

Yes, you can send through sensitive path, but there is no compensation if the goods are perish/rot during the delivery.

20. Any Compensation if my goods damage by rats?

There is no compensation if your goods are damaged by rats, therefore we suggest to send out the parcel immediately once goods arrived warehouse.

21. Any Compensation if my goods damage  / dented during the delivery?

There is no compensation if your goods are damaged / dented, therefore please make sure seller strengthen the packing before they send to us.

22. Extra charges will incurred, if any amendment on processing order / fully-packed order,before payment . 

- Combine with another order, each combine will charge additional service charges RM5.00

- Add another parcel to this order, additional services charge RM5.00/tracking

- From normal to repacking order, additional services charge RM5.00/piece

-Amendment received detail and others, additional services charge RM5.00

23. Storage Period

-All parcel received at warehouse.(Can store up to 3 month)

-All parcel which is complete packed, and it is pending payment. (can store up to 1 Month)

If parcel store at warehouse more than the storage period, we assume you have waive your parcel ownership, and item will be destroy without notice.