Sea Freight Charges Decrease

WM Sea Freight charges decrease。 For more detail, please refer to sea pricing page.

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Price decrease notice

17/2/2022 WM normal  - RM1.50/KG, WM sensitive -RM0.50/kg, SIN normal -RM2/kg , SIN sensitive -RM1.50/kg

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WM Air freight price increased

[13-1-2022] WM Air freight Normal goods price increase RM1.50/kg. Further price detail please refer to

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International cargo terminal closed, air freight delayed

[12-1-2022] Due to the prevention and control of the epidemic, the express center of Shenzhen International Cargo Terminal is closed for management and control, it is expected delayed for each Air freight shipment for 2-3 days.

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Sea Freight Overlength charges changed to previous standard

From 10-1-2022 onward, Sea Freight overlength charges will follow the previous standard, which is if parcel one side exceeds 2 meters, or if it exceeds 1.5 tons, an additional fee will be charged. 

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Customs clearance and delivery will be delay

Due to the severe floods in Klang, the customs clearance and delivery are about to be delayed. For the recent parcel, please take waterproof packaging into consideration.

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Sea Freight implement Over Length charges

18-12-2021 Sea Freight implement over large,over length  over weight charges. For further detail please visit

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Sea Freight Charges Decrease

21-11-2021 West Sea Freight charges decreased, please visit for more detail.

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Sea Freight Charges Increase Drastically

18-11-2021 West Sea Freight charges increase drastically, please visit for more detail.

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Sea Freight Delay

Due to the global port congestion and the impact of the epidemic, All sea freight shipment will be delay. Please be prepare in advance.

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Tracking website under maintenance

Tracking website under maintenance, will resume at 3pm.

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Sea Freight Charges Increase

9-11-2021 West Sea Freight charges increase , please visit for more detail.

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Transit Time Affected by No. 18 Typhoon Kompasu of 2021

Reminder: Due to the impact of the No.18 typhoon kompasu, air and sea transportation will be delayed. We sinceley appologize for any inconvenience cause.

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China National Holidays

China National Holiday: From 1-10 ~ 3-10 , resume work on 4-10. 

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Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday

Mid-Autumn Festival China Wasrehouse Holiday: From 20-9 ~ 21-9 , resume work on 22-9. Wishing all Happy Mid-Autumn Festival~

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International Tracking-under maintenance

International Tracking is under maintenance, please whatapps,wechat or fb our cs for your parcel status. Sorry for any inconveniences.
Temporarily Tracking Url:

Temporarily Tracking Url (Mobile) :

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WM Airfreight normal goods price increased RM1/kg

West Malaysia Airfreight normal goods charges increase RM1/kg.

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Airline schedule delay

Airline warehouse overload, all normal goods parcel will be delayed.

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West Air, Sea, Sin, price adjustment

9-8-2021 West Air, Sea, Singapore, price increase, please visit pricing page for the latest price.

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Free 5kg volume throw weight

4/8/2021- User can now enjoy first 5 kg free throw volumetric, Volume weight throw more than 5kg will based on half volumetric calculation method

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