———— Good receiving guide————


Check the integrity of the package:

- When the courier delivers the goods to you, please make sure the package is in good condition.

- If the package are wrapped in plastic packaging, you have to check whether the outer packaging is intact, whether it is squeezed, liquid leakage, etc.

- If the goods are in good condition (External of the package is good, and the sealed bag is not obviously scratched or torn. Please feel free to sign.

- If the package is damaged, please take a photo before opening the package to show all the damaged parts. Please take a look at the goods on the spot after taking the photo.

-Delivery to the designated address, but not sent upstairs or into the house. Shopping malls or apartments will only dispatch to the loading area or guard house.

Once customer signed the receipt, we assumed consingee receive the goods in good condition, and therefore please check carefully before you sign and received. There are also indications on the receipt: first inspection, then sign, otherwise the consequences are at your own risk.

In order to protect the rights and interests of customers, it is recommended that you do not entrust others to sign for the goods.

If the package is signed by someone else and the goods are not inspected in the presence, then we will assume you receive goods in good condition.