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仓库手机 : 13113013023

邮政编码 : 523912

Updated On:

**4/8/2021 5 kg free throw volumetric, Volume weight throw more than 5kg will based on half volumetric calculation method
**9/8/2021 West Malaysia & Singapore normal goods +RM2/kg
**12/8/2021 West Malaysia normal goods reduce RM0.50/kg, Singapore ormal goods +RM2/kg
**23/2/2021 West Malaysia normal goods +RM1/KG

门到门服务 ( Door to Door) - Normal Good

RegionCourier1st kg 

(Per 0.5kg) 

10kg Above
(Per 0.5kg) 

West Malaysiaimage.pngRM20.20RM9.60RM9.10
West Malaysia1544034625223921.pngRM20.20RM9.60RM9.10
West Malaysiaimage.pngRM21.50RM10.25RM9.75
West Malaysia1544034763185648.pngRM21.50RM10.25RM9.75
East Malaysia100Express-logo.pngRM30.00RM15.00RM15.00

门到门服务 ( Door to Door) - Sensitive Good

RegionCourier1st kg 2kg~10kg
(Per 0.5kg) 
10kg Above 
(Per 0.5kg)
West Malaysiaimage.pngRM21.20RM10.10RM9.60
West Malaysia1544034625223921.pngRM21.20RM10.10RM9.60
West Malaysiaimage.pngRM22.50RM10.75RM10.25
West Malaysia1544034763185648.pngRM22.50RM10.75RM10.25
East Malaysia100Express-logo.pngRM36.50RM15.75RM15.75

**The calculation for "west Malaysia" sensitive goods has changed. Now is direct calculate, chargable weight  x price. 


Previous (parcel weight)*(freight price) + RM20 sensitive charges

Now (parcel weight)*(freight price)

自提服务 ( Self Collection)

** Self CollectCourier

1st kg

Following per 0.5kg10kg Above 
(Per 0.5kg)
Normal Goods100Express-logo.pngRM18.00RM8.75
Sensitive Goods100Express-logo.pngRM18.00RM8.75RM8.50

Over Weight

Over weight charges, RM110.00 will be added for every shipment which is over 40KG,**Please note that for ABX shipment which more than 25KG (insteadf of 40kg)  will be charge over weight.

Over length

Over length charges, RM110.00 will be added for every shipment which is over 120CM or both side dimension more than 80cm.

Tax covered

Extra charges RM3.00 / Kg for cover tax shipment

Volume weight

What is volume weight? Below are the formula 
L (CM) x W (CM) x H (CM) / 6000
Once we get the volume weight, we will compare with the actual weight, and the higher weight will be taken into account. Every decimal will auto round up to 1. Eg 0.8kg, round up to 1kg. *5kg free throw volumetric weight, Weight throw more than  5 kg will based on Half volumetric method

Insurance feesTemporarily unavailable
Control zone / restricted area
Barracks, airports, bonded areas, hospitals, prisons, outlying islands, deep in orchards, mountains, etc., cannot be delivered