———— Sea-Fast Delivery————


Sea-Fast Delivery (West Malaysia)

Sea-Fast Delivery Avg 12 Days arrived door step(West Malaysia)
First         1 KG
RM 10.50
Following 1 KGRM  6.00
Parcel Fees RM 1.00 / Parcel

*19-3-2020 Updated

*Over weight charges will be apply for shipment which over 50KG.

*Shipment size cannot more than 1.5M for any dimension.

* Chargable weight will determine from actual weight or volumetric weight, take which is higher.

*Volumetric weight formula : CM(L) x CM(W) x CM(H) / 6000.

**Prohibited item such as wood log,powder / liquid 、battery、Phone product、 firecracker、rice、tire、dangerous goods、weapon、plant /  pet 、alcohol、cigar / tobacco and perishable goods are not acceptable.

If there is any enquiry please feel free to contact our C.S.

***Sea freight delivered to customer doorstep, unless it's high rise building we only deliver to the ground floor.If recipient address is inside shopping mall we only unload to loading bay.